90 Days from
people pleaser


pleasure queen
Ditch putting your own desires on the back-burner. 

Flourish as your the most radiant and real version of yourself! 

*Spots are limited.
Are you ready to Liberate yourself?

Do you settle for being a Backburner Babe, when what you truly desire to be your authentic badass self? Are you finding yourself playing it safe vs daring to freely express yourself and prioritize your own needs? 

Are you getting mixed messages as freedom seductively whispers in your ear, drowned out by voices of dead and doubt? Are you yearning to live lusciously, crushed by your inner saboteur shaming you for being too selfish?

Are you buying into other people's opinions that make you feel unworthy, unseen,
unsafe or undeserving?

Liberation is not about being privileged or free of responsibility or obligations.
Its how we operate despite our current circumstances.

Self-sacrifice will suck the life force out of you sister!

You’re so over putting your life on hold, habitual people-pleasing and self-denial at your own expense. You’re done with pushing and overextending yourself into overwhelm, trying to fulfill false ideals of a 'wonder woman' who has her ‘shizz’ together!

Somehow you've kept self-sabotaging yourself with soul-sucking behaviors that have taken over your life, robbing you of inner peace and fulfillment.

You know you are worth way more and you desire deep nourishment, not only for your body, but also for your mind, your heart and your soul.

 Rewire your brain - you've got to feel it and deal with it to heal it!

You know there’s been stuff brewing beneath the surface and have no idea 
how to deal with it. 

 Perhaps you’ve read many books, joined groups, seen therapists or endlessly invested in workshops. You crash after the initial high and are over trying to fix yourself!

 Or maybe you’ve kept yourself so busy and distracted that you don’t even have to face the underlying pain of putting your needs, desires and pleasure on hold!

Together we will work with the three parts of your brain so every part of your body 
and mind are on board! We also work with feelings, regulating emotions 
and your experience inside your body. 

It is here we can initiate change and transformation at the deepest level.

Harness your powerful feminine energy

Do you want to experience the most delicious and richly rewarding life possible?
Are you ready to be the truest version of yourself and get what you really want for a change?

Do you desire to feel more deeply connected with yourself and others, while implementing healthy boundaries and experiencing pleasure on your own terms (yum!)

Then I've absolutely got you covered with a 1:1 program, designed to support you on 
your individual journey to re-ignite your passion for life, harness your feminine power 
and embody becoming a Pleasure Queen.
 Deep down you know its your Goddess given birthright to thrive!!

I created ‘Luscious Liberation’ to heal my own pattern of 
disconnecting from my pleasure.

 I was a chronic people-pleaser, habitually settling for less and catering to everyone else's needs and wishes, at the expense of my own. It seemed so natural for me to please, assist and serve others in my personal and professional life. 

The problem was I would respond on auto-pilot to accommodate others and end up ignoring my own needs. To tell the truth I often felt unappreciated, used and sometimes even quite resentful. Then my anxiety-inducing voices would creep in,  shaming me for being so selfish.
 I knew it was time to do the inner work to change my outer reality. It was time to heal my past pains, awaken to my inner process that was creating my reality  and 
re-wire my brain to make new decisions that empowered me,

My own divine journey

I knew I wanted more - I wanted to be the Pleasure Queen of my life! 
Dedicating myself to deep inner work, I discovered the missing links I sought for in my years of research. The teachings of modern neurobiology, human behavior and holistic healing blend perfectly with the ancient, powerful teachings of Tantra and Taoism. 

I learned to work with the three levels of the brain to unravel toxic conditioning, heal emotional hurts and trauma at a deep somatic level. Finally redefining my boundaries, I began creating a more empowered narrative for my life. 

  The greatest gift was the most exquisite aliveness and pleasure that began to bubble up from within. I sourced deep self love, safety and a sense of belonging in my body and in the world.  My relationships began to transform before my eyes. 

FINALLY I SAID YES!! Yes to me! Yes to doing the work! Yes to my pleasure!

Pleasure in my daily life, aligning my thoughts with my intentions, emotional fulfillment, empowering relationships and experiencing the pleasure of being in my body (yes sexually too).  

  And you truly deserve it! Are you ready for more pleasure in your life?

Introducing ...
Luscious Liberation 
My 3 month program from People Pleaser to Pleasure Queen.

Luscious Liberation’ is a 1:1 individually tailored program, to take you in ‘90 days from People Pleaser to Pleasure Queen’ and embody your worthiness, visibility and voice. 

It is a transformational journey into owning your Feminine Power! Inside this safe space, you will experience deep nurturing, powerful tools and proven strategies to give you the sacred steps you need to live lusciously, at every age and every stage of life.
90 day journey of radical transformation into luscious liberation
Liberate outdated beliefs, past conditioning and old stories that have held you hostage all these years. 

Develop a happier and healthier relationship with yourself and others. Find unconditional self love, increased self worth and greater self confidence. Discover how they empower your decisions and actions.

Feel the freedom to express your needs, own your voice, move your body and share your magical authentic self. Start showing up as the most empowered version of yourself and it will become second nature to you.

Reclaim your sensual nature, own your sexual sovereignty and re-ignite your feminine mojo. Revive your passion for living. 

Become a Pleasure Queen! Experience the ripple effect that will make you more magnetic to incredible opportunities in your relationships and in every area of your life. 
❤️ Clarifying your desires and creating a roadmap to support you

❤️ Exploring body mind awareness to reveal unconscious blocks 

❤️ Integrating inner child work to reveal old familial patterns and restore your sense of inner integrity and wholeness 

❤️ Building an inner ecology to support you in truly thriving

❤️ Learning to access inner resources for your safety and support

❤️ Transforming resistance through gentle breathwork to reconnect with yourself and can plug into your pleasure zone

❤️ Developing emotional intelligence and healthy boundaries

❤️ Creating new narratives to empower you in your life

A one-on-one tailored program made just for YOU!

Experience transformation at the deepest level with 10 sessions over 90 days in the comfort of your home.

In every session we create a safe, supported container for transformation that supports your goals and desires. Additionally, we allow for whatever arises and needs to be addressed in your individual process. 

After every session you will receive custom written practices and audios to support you between our sessions. 
Together, we will also create action steps to sustain your progress..

In between our calls you will receive regular check-ins and can reach out for additional online support.

What my clients say about working with me ...

Working with Mirella was life-changing.
She was able to lead me to insights in a way only very skilled guide can do. . 

The growth that takes place during sessions, in reflection and in between them came from deep within myself. 

One of my biggest insights was that I have the ability to move towards my goals, irrespective of what's going on. 

My favourite part was the way she brought me back to what I needed. 

I reconnected with my passion and power to stay calm in the eye of not just one storm, but several I was caught up in.

Her methods are effective and long-lasting. I can't recommend her highly enough.

 ~ Helena Ameisen
Coaching with Mirella, I have experienced big shifts in my relationship. I had a huge awakening and understanding  around my sexuality. 

I became aware of the deep unconscious patterning from my childhood abuse and abandonment which caused me to shut down my authentic sexual expression. 

Bringing compassionate awareness to this patterning has helped me reawaken and open to sexual healing. 

I feel more connected to my body and more vibrant and alive. 

I'm so grateful for our time together!

~ Jenelle Wells
Mirella, I appreciate how you hold space for me in a way that makes exploring difficult issues not only possible but fruitful. how fully present you are and

Your perceptive approach has opened me to question many of my long held beliefs and outdated habits. In your warm and compassionate way, you have helped me clarify longstanding issues that have held me back in my life.

I have discovered a much more confident me who can actually get excited about a challenge rather than get anxious. 
I've come such a long way with your support and it's great to know that there is someone I can trust to empower me to find my own way out of a tight spot should the need arise.

 ~ Dr. Ute Goeft 

Your package includes

10 private 1 on 1 sessions via Zoom ~ 1 X 90 minute plus 9 X 60 minute sessions

Home practices and action steps to support your ongoing progress

Individually crafted written and audio files for an extra boost

Online support between sessions

Investment  $2997 

(payment plans are available)
This is a huge step for your transformation and your life. I have walked this path and
I am committed to show up for you at the highest level.

Book a 'Clarity Call'  and let’s feel out if this program is right for you.

If this speaks to you and if you are ready to rock your world, let’s do this! 

Lets talk about what's going on for you and how to break through to what you really want. 
I can answer any questions about this program and see if it is the right fit for you.

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