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Have you been on an emotional roller coaster lately? 

Do you wish your feelings wouldn't take over like they do? 
Wondering how not to 'lose it' in front of people?
Are you aching for some sweet blessed relief?

Your emotions can seem to just take over your life. They can hit you like tsunami, without warning, making it hard to think clearly or function effectively. Then it can feel like a struggle to keep it all together. 

Maybe you tried to control them or stuff them down, but found they come back with a vengeance! They can envelop you in a shroud of low-level depression or high-level anxiety. Over time, they can have a huge impact on your health and wellbeing. 

What if there was a different way? What if there were techniques that felt really nourishing, peaceful and blissful?

When we can accept our emotions and energetically balance them in our body, we can spiral up and out again! 

🧐 Don’t worry! You won't be overwhelmed with more information to learn! 70% of this masterclass is experiential.

You'll be guided through a series of powerful practices, from ancient taoist and tantric traditions that incorporate self-awareness, meditation, movement and sensory embodiment. 

🙌 Clear energy blocks

 🙌 Release overwhelm and emotional negative charge

 🙌 Balance and integrate overwhelming feelings 

 🙌 Restore the positive flow of emotional energy into your body and mind

In our time together, you will shift stuck energy from your emotional body-mind, leaving you feeling lighter and freer!  Together we will move negative energy and restore harmony, allowing a free flow of vital energy to return.

During the first 90 minutes, you will be guided through powerful techniques, that will be extremely soothing and nourishing to your central nervous system.

☯️  We will start with a medicinal taoist practice of gently moving the body to clear toxic emotions from your organs and clea the energy pathways through your meridian system. Then, we will move into a tantric meditation to clear mental obstructions and clear your chakra system.

🧚‍♂‍ You will experience the immediate effect of dropping into deep relaxation. Busy thoughts will dissolve and the effect of your emotional stresses will melt away 🧘🏻‍♂‍

🥰 We will finish with 30 minutes to share, integrate your experience and answer any questions.

What previous participants have said...

I have practiced meditation, mindfulness, energy flow, yoga, and qigong for many years. With all of my knowledge and training I still found great wisdom and insight in spending a single session with Mirella. Her soothing voice and calm direction put me at ease immediately and allowed me to learn something new from a wonderous and generous teacher. 

~ Christine Kish

Mirella del Mondo is the Real Deal. She genuinely cares about helping people to thrive and find peace and harmony. Her voice is soothing, and her practices are easy to follow, nurturing and experiental: actually moving energy instead of talking about moving energy. I felt a deep sense of calm immediately after participating in her online masterclass; clearing out "debris" and breathing in shiny, clean energy. Now is the time to seek the wisdom of the Wise Feminine energy of Mirella.

~ Andrea Darville

I look forward to sharing these amazing treasures with you.

Mirella del Mondo 🥰️ xo

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