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Heart Breast Healing masterclass for Women

Discover a suite of powerful tools for women, that you can apply as part of your own self-care regime and add to your spiritual practices. 

In this masterclass, you will be doing a blend of modern and ancient self care rituals, some dating as far back as 2,000 years. Women have used and incorporated these tools into their life for beauty, health, wellbeing and also for preventative health care. 

In Chinese medicine, the heart is the command center of consciousness and intelligence. Hindu philosophy believes our ‘heart chakra’ is the bridge between our earthly and spiritual aspirations. Our breasts are 'the wings of our heart’. They provide nurturing and are receptors to connect with our feelings and our environment.

During this masterclass, we will look at the numerous benefits and how to apply this knowledge. 

💎 Production of anti-aging hormones

💎 Release toxins and stagnant energy

💎 Increases your energy levels

💎 Decreases depression

💎 Improves mood swings

💎 Aids lymph drainage

💎 Enhances pleasure

You will explore a variety of ways to use your breath, visualise, meditate, move and us healing touch. At the end, we will take time for sharing and Q & A. For those who register, and are unable to attend, you will be forwarded a recording of our session.

Here is what a few participants have shared about their experience.

"Thank you Mirella, that was such a beautiful experience! It was so lovely to connect with my heart, and it felt so nurturing. I really loved the way you guided us through the visualizations and for the messages I received through that process. You are a gifted guide!" ~ Karma

"I attended this course with Mirella del Mondo and went into a deep meditation and was given a Healing Dream later on which showed me the roots of my wounds with my mother. I also had my heart open and body feel more sore and supple post the session. I highly recommend this if you feel called to it." ~ Dr Sneeha

"I'm very glad you invited me to experience this gentle and powerful practice! It felt wonderful and empowering, my chest still feels warm inside. I feel comforted and nourished! I definitely recommend this to others!" ~ Ute

"If you would like to spend some time connecting back into your body, your heart and your femininity then this is the masterclass for you. It was a beautiful way to start my Sunday morning and set me up to float through the day." ~ Jenelle 

Looking forward to sharing these magical experience with you!

Mirella xo
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