The 3 sacred Steps to gain self-respect, be heard and to build happy, healthy relationships in your life.
The 3 sacred Steps to gain self-respect, be heard  and to build happy, healthy relationships in your life.
It's time to create 
some Bad Ass Boundaries!

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I know first-hand about that self defeating habit of saying YES when you actually want to say NO. The flip-side is that sinking feeling of saying NO to things you truly desire.

The price I paid as a people pleaser was disconnecting from my pleasure! Expressing myself, my creativity and sexual desire went down the gurgler!

Are you so caught up in people pleasing and not wanting to hurt or let others down that you swallow your own needs, deny your desires and keep putting your dreams on the backburner? 

Afraid of feeling like a selfish bitch if you put your needs first?

I invite you to take the 3 steps to leaving self-denial behind so that you can experience a new sense of aliveness, align with your needs and take action towards reclaiming your own pleasure!
Mirella del Mondo xo
You're Gonna Learn
The 3 Keys to Stop reacting on Autopilot and Start responding from your Inner Queen
Most of us are so disconnected from our body that we respond to life on autopilot.
The first audio you will give you the experience of reconnecting with 
your body's wisdom..
We are usually controlled either by our thoughts or overtaken by our emotions.
The second video with introduce you
to a more effective navigation system
to align you with your inner truth.
Many of us lack the confidence and
skills to create heathy boundaries. 
In the third audio you will practice 
taking action from a place of self love 
and respect for our own needs.
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