A Mind-altering video Masterclass
3 Conscious C’s that 
heal your spirit and 
transform Your Life

Neutralise negative self-talk and up-level your inner voice

* Curb the 3 Crippling Cs that crush your spirit and sabotage your life
* Harness the positive power of your internal dialogue
* Learn the 3 Conscious Cs to transform your reality
​* Begin shifting your world with our BONUS Workbook 

BUY IT NOW FOR ONLY $37 and feel FAB again! Valued at $197 .
The 3 Conscious 'Cs' that Heal your Spirit & Uplevel your Life
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Divine woman, the best years of your life 
are ahead of you!
At 50, I thought I was pretty cool and had my life sorted. I moved countries for my dream relationship, sold my home and was excited about what lay ahead of me at 50.
When things didn’t go as planned, I tried to fix myself, overcompensate for my decision and beat the shizz out of myself on a daily basis!
My belief in myself, my finances and my health went south.
After some deep soul searching, I knew that I needed to entirely transform my inner world to not only survive, but to thrive.
Mirella del Mondo
Women’s Transformation & Freedom (WTF) Coach
Female Empowerment & Sexuality Doula
...unless you realize how you’re trapping yourself, it’s impossible to get what you want in your life. 
Valued At $197 - Buy It Now For ONLY $37
Discover the 3 Crippling C’s that wound  the spirit and  learn the 3 Conscious C’s that can change everything

You’ll get access to Simple Potent Tools to help you...
Shift from feeling not good enough, stuck in a rut and overwhelmed to knowing exactly where to begin and how to get your life back on track.
Know how to heal toxic old habits, so you can have deep peace and reclaim what you desire in your life moving forward.
Break free from a cycle of self-sabotage with the 3 Conscious “C’s”, so that you can be lighter, liberated and free to step into being FAB@50 & Beyond .
Inside this powerful and Life Changing training you'll get..
30-Minute Divine Masterclass: This powerful video masterclass will transform your inner world and enable you to take immediate action to create radical change in your life.
The 3 Conscious Cs Workbook: Take the work deeper as you break free from feeling washed up, invisible and overwhelmed and start rebuilding your life!
Valued At $197 - Buy It Now For ONLY $37
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